• The next congresses of SFO ( French Society of Ophtalmology) will take place in Paris («palais des congrès») :

    ■ 124th congress from 5 to 8 may 2018 « Emergencies in Ophtalmology » Dr J.-L. BOURGES

    ■ 125th congress from 11 may to 14 may 2019 « OCT in ophtalmology » Dr J.-F. KOROBELNIK


The SIEM Bio-Médicale will be happy to see you at his stand during those Congresses.



  • Other news :

    ■ The SIEM Bio-Médicale thanks you for your participation in the 123th Congress of the SFO (French Society of Ophtalmology) 6 to 9 may 2017 in Paris France

    ■SIEM Bio-Médicale would like to thank you for your participation in the First congress of the SMOR (Moroccan Orthoptic Society) congress at the Mohamed VI Foundation of EDUCATION in Rabat (Morocco)

    This congress took place on 1 and 2 July 2017 on the main theme: "Visual Electrophysiology" by Dr. F. RIGAUDIÈRES.
    We would like to congratulate the entire SMOR team, which has managed the first congress which has already an international dimension. We also thank all the speakers for the quality of their presentations

  • Congrès SMOR





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