Technical data
Stimulations & protocoles
Software & interface

Stimulator :

Binoculary system with two flexibles, adaptable to every animals morphology . Fixation with rotule adapted to different supports.

Flash :

  • LED Flash (4 chromatics Gammes : white, Red, Blue , Orange or Green).
  • background light integrated
  • Stimulation frequency 0.1 to 30Hz.
  • Flash Duration 0.1 à 255 ms

Protocols :

  • Adapted to all protocols: SFEROV, ISCEV, ...

Electrophysiologic Amplifier :

  • 4 input (2 ERG ways, 2 PEV ways)
  • Resolution until 0,2µV in amplitude
  • Visualisation until 10 points per ms
  • Digital Filter controled by software
  • Electronic amplifier controled by software.

Computer unit :

  • Software compatible with all PC compatible with Windows OS .
  • Optional notebook Computer.

Evolutiv System

  • The software is developed by SIEM Bio-Médicale with Scientist and Doctors in visual electrophysiology.
  • VisioSystem is useful for recording and analysing responses from retina or cortex electrophysiologic signal. All the software is drived by the mouse cursor under the Windows® environment.



Small and useful

  • The electrophysiologic equipment is composed by small and independant moduls, VisioSystem is useful even for small rooms of examination.
  • The VisioSystem is mobile and allow you to go where you want.

Adapted for every kind of animals.

  • The flexibles allows a better adaptation to different morphology of animals.
  • The maniability of this system optimise the positionning of the flash stimulators.
  • The flash stimulators are binocular and movable independantly.
  • The software is optimised for an automatic use with programed protocoles, in order to economise time and precision of manipulation.

Data Files software included

  • Sort by files (personal criteria) or by name of patients
  • Visualise easily :
    • the exams already done.
    • The name, kind of animal and adress.
    • The comments to remember this consults.
  • Create a new file or delete it if created by rerror.
  • Save and restore your files from all type of memories.


Read and Analyse easily

  • Treat by Digital filter
    • Reshearch of the specific waves
    • Smooth the record for a better reading.
  • Compare the curves
    • Superimpose curves from differents days.
    • Superimpose curves from the right and the left way.
    • Compare the ratio a / b with a simple click.
  • Read the waves :
    • Visualise easily and quickly the curves.
    • Scaling of the graphic area ( Scale adapted to the records)
    • Color printing.
    • Put and move the cursors in order to read the time and the amplitude of the curves.
  • Drive the stimulator by the software
    • Select the stimulator well adapted to your examination : Select the flash and set the chromatic ranges, Set the intensity of the flash stimulation or the background light...,




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