Courbe ERG
Technical data
Stimulations & protocoles
Software interface

Examination : ERG, Flicker 30Hz, Flash VEP, pattern VEP,pattern ERG, EOG.

Stimulator : Full Field Globe 40 cm + Video Screen 19" (On articulated arm and on mobile desk)

Protocole : ISCEV, (adapted to any protocoles)

Stimulation :

  • Flash : Ganzfeld (full field stimulation)
    • 4 chromatic sets of stimulation flash and luminous background.
    • Flash and background Intensity are computer controlled. (Intensity steps: -30 to 0dB in steps of 3 dB)
    • Flash Duration : 0 to 255 ms (For "ON/OFF ERG")
  • Pattern : (on screen LCD 19" high resolution and intensity and contrast)
    • Pattern reversal and "On-Off" (appear/desappear)
  • Leds for EOG integrated
  • Frequency controlled from 0,1 to 30 Hz

Display : Graphics with colored supperimposition, graduated scale, movable cursors, automatic research of the mains waves (a & b) (N75, P100, N135...).

Number of exam : unlimited. (depand of the size of your computer memory)

Export data: to any standart software of data or text treatment
(Excel, Word, ...)

Archive : Automatically on the hard disk integrated on computer.
Archive on all standart support in option (DVD, CDrom, USB key, network...)

System easily handled :

  • The software is developped specially for the electrophysiologic field with the compliance of ophtalmologists and ingeniers in visual electrophysiology.
  • Easy to use , The software is full controlled by the mouse under a Windows® operating system.

Software usefull (With a good assitance in your frequent work)

  • Protocole : The exams of ERG, PEV, EOG, Flicker are automatised. Saving all your steps of axams for a quiqly, easily, and more efficient examination, with an automatic records of exams.
  • Printing : Color printed graph and parameters of your results in a professionnal deskjet printer (or laser printer in option).



Compact & easily moved

Save space

  • The special arm is simply handled , adapted to all the configuration of your examination room.
  • The position of the stimulator on the computer desk allowes to save space.
  • The system is easily moved with the mobil desk.



Confort of the patient

Eliminate stress of the patient for a better examination

  • The different configurations, seatting or sleeping, allow the patient to take the best position and the more confortable, in order to eliminate the noise due to stress.
  • Articulated arm allow to set the stimulator near of the patient.

In compliance of the best technology

  • Numeric treatment of the records (FFT)
  • Visualisation controled by computer (Zoom)
  • Following files of the patients
  • Compare exams
    • Resolution until 10 points per ms and until 0,2 µV in Amplitude.
    • Superimpositions of the graphic results.
  • All the parameters are controled by software, (The pattern contrast, Color and frequency of the stimulation,...)
  • Help integrated on the software...

Treat files easily

  • Sort files (With your own criteria) or by name of patient
  • Visualise easily :
    • Exams already done
    • Name , and information about patients
    • Comments associated with each exam.
  • Create a new file or delete it if is created by rerror.
  • Save and restore your files from all type of memories.


Read and Analyse easily

  • Treat by Digital filter
    • Reshearch of the specific waves
    • Smooth the record for a better reading.
  • Compare the curves
    • Superimpose the curves from differents days.
    • Superimposer the curves from the right and the left way.
    • Compare the ratio of a and b with a simple button.
  • Read the waves :
    • Visualise easily and quickly the curves.
    • Scaling of the graphic area ( Scale adapted to the records)
    • Color printing.
    • Put and move the cursors in order to read the time and the amplitude of the curves.
  • Drive the stimulator by software
    • Select the stimulator well adapted to your examination : Select the flash and set the chromatic ranges, Set the flash intensity ..., or select the Pattern stimulator and set the spacial frequency of the square of stimulation...






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