Multifocal ERG ( Electrophysiological unit) :

With an examination about 10 min, the VisioScan deliver a map (2D or 3D) of the responses of retinal areas. The pattern stimulator generates a randomised flicker stimulation (pattern hexagones 19 to 241 cells).

Technical data
Examination : 30° (Visual field) Processor: Pentium Dual Core (or compatible)

Stimulator :

Video Screen 19" LCD
With high luminance

Screen of control :

Video Screen LCD 19"
Duration :

about 10 min
(according to the numbers of areas)
Memory (RAM) : 2Go
Number of areas : Ajustable Hard Disk : >160 Go
pattern : Hexagonal Archive driver. : recorder DVD/ CD R/RW
Excentricity : Regular or according to the density of retinal cells OS : Windows XP,Vista or later
Stimulation algorithm:

Pseudo-randomised (Kernel -1st order) Printer :
HP Deskjet color
Positionnement du patient :
Support Front-adjustable
Desk : Mobile Computer Desk.
    Optional : network (Ethernet ...)

Analysis of records

  • Automatic Measure of time of culmination (latencies) and amplitudes of waves records.
  • Mapping 2D and 3D in accordance with the selected waves N1, P1 or N2 or the time of responses.
  • Averages by circular or quarter areas; may be selected manually (each areas separatly)
  • Visualisation : Colored map, numeric, view 3D, localised curves, Array of averages
    (by ring, quarter or manualy selected )
  • Pinting results - colored waves and parameters


Usefull and complete System

  • Illimited number of exams.
  • Integrated file management.
  • Export data : for differents sofwares (Excel® Word® ...)
  • Automatic Archive : On internal Hard disk (>160 Go).
  • Optional Archive : On any support (DVD, CD, USB key, network ... )


Files of patients usefull

  • Sorted by files (names or number of the file) or by names of patients
  • Viewing easily :
    • Exams.
    • Name and information of the patient.
    • Comments linked to each exam.
  • Create a new file or delete it.
  • Save or restore files from any supports (CDRom, DVDRom, usb key ...) .



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