SIEM Bio-Médicale

Conception and Production of device and software of Visual Electrophysiology.


Since the 90's SIEM Bio-Médicale is working in the electrophysiology and particularly in visual electrophysiology. So SIEM Bio-Médicale developed the VisioSystem®.

VisioSystem is a complete visual electrophysiology device. According to the recommandations of the standard of the ISCEV (International society for clinical electrophysiology of vision), this device allows to records the ERG (Electroretinogram), VEP (Visual Evoked potential), EOG (Electro-oculogram) and Multifocal ERG (map of responses of of the central retina).



The "news"
The last news about VisioSystem.

Multifocal ERG
The last progress in computing allows us to calculate a map of the electrophysiologic respons of the rétina, about the 20 or 30 degre.

The Electrophysiology used to help our animals
The "veterinary ophtalmologist" will find in this part, a device adapted and useful for retina's diagnostic.


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