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Articles References Description Ordering Unit
(of Ord. unit)
Réf: EA1 Electrodes needles 100 needles
(1 box)
Réf: EA35 Electrodes Auto-adhesiv 3 electrodes
(1 blister)
Réf: EC01 Sclero conjonctival Electrode 1 electrode
Réf: PEA1 Wire for needle 1 Wire
Réf: PEA1S

Wire for needle (security)

1 Wire
Réf: PEA35S Wire for adhesiv electrodes (security) 1 Wire
Réf: PEA35 Wire for adhesiv electrodes 1 Wire
Réf: PEC06 Wire for scleral electrode 1 Wire
Réf: VisioSystem Electrophysiologic Unit for ERG VEP and EOG 1
Réf: VisioScan Electrophysiologic Unit for ERG multifocal 1

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