Siem Bio-Médicale
Services and support

-Adaptation of ours products.

Siem Bio-Médicale provides hardware or software adaptation of our products. VisioSystem is manufactured by our laboratory, your product can be adapted for your specifical use (Reseach, laboratory...).

-Repair and Services of every electrophysiologic device.

SIEM Bio-Médicale as manufacturer offer you his services to repair or calibrate products from old manufacturer. Contact us for more information.

-Hardware and software development.

Siem Bio-Médicale can develop your project in the technico-medical field. If you need a specific application we can provide prototyping and feasibility analysis.

-Resel or exchange of your old poducts of electrophysiology.

Siem Bio-Médicale offers to buy your old system of electrophysiology for the purchase of a new VisioSystem or VisioScan. We will explore all other proposals from you

For more information, Please contact us at :

Tel. : (33) 4 66 23 12 88
Fax : (33) 4 66 23 15 43

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